POSITIVE DIRECTION The Wholeness Center, Owner, Sonia Beatrice, has been and ordained metaphysical minister for 3 year, while serving as a practitioner and lay minister for 5 years. She has also served as a Reiki practitioner and professional psychic/medium/channel for 15 years, and has now been practicing as a Reiki Master/Teacher for over 10 years.

Sonia uses traditional, metaphysical, universal and alternative/holistic approaches in her teachings and personal sessions, depending on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of each individual. The use of her gifts as an empath and intuitive as well as her learned skill as a Reiki Master also play a big part of how she addresses each session.  She continues to study metaphysics to increase her knowledge to help others.

As an Ordained Minister, Sonia is devoted to teaching everyone how to use their God-given unlimited potential power. She previously co-founded and had her practicum as lay minister at the Center for Practical Spirituality and served temporarily as Assistant Minister with The Awakening Spiritual Community.  Her main focus was teaching the process of co-creating with God to achieve the abundant life, not just monetarily or materialistically, but in all areas of life - physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social. 

As a Metaphysical Instructor, Sonia facilitates introductory and in-depth courses she likes to call FUNshops, at Northside Independent School District's Adult Continuing Education (NISD ACE) on a semester basis.  Courses cover: Strenthening Your Intuition, How to Create & Attract Funshops(c), Graphology a.k.a. Handwriting Analysis, Crystal and Mineral Methaphysical Uses, Introduction to Reiki and Understanding Your Chakras.  

For the psychic portion of her business, Sonia accepts clients on an appointment basis only. She currently participates at regular events such as  Psychic Happy Hour Tuesdays at the Local Bar downtown, offering FREE readings. She  held a table at the Broken Arrow Rock Shop in Wimberly, Texas during their Market Days and was previously the featured psychic at the Emily Morgan Hotel during their Psychic Happy Hour Thursday, monthly at the Wholistic Festival and quarterly at the Crystal Mystic. She was also vendor with Mujeres Mercado.  During public events, Sonia offers smaller and discounted priced readings, to give you the opportunity to experience her style, to see if she is the right fit for you, before scheduling future, more lengthy, private readings.  She isn't new to fairs and events - Sonia also was the featured psychic with San Antonio's radio station 94.1 KTFM Working Women's Wednesday events and has been a presence at many of the city's psychic fairs, Queen of the Riverwalk fundraisers, and San Antonio Pride events. She also lead workshops for elementary school career days, health fairs, was a key spokesperson for a women's retreat and even a guest speaker for college courses to teach the uses, history and culture related to the ancient art of Reiki healing practice.

A personal passion of Sonia's has been the many years she volunteered with the San Antonio Police Department's Family Advocacy Crisis Team (F.A.C.T.) in assisting families find resources while dealing with domestic violence. The resources offered in her domestic violence training go along with her spiritual counseling/Life-Coaching sessions to teach safety planning and other required insights to victims.  Sonia also has a history of experiencing her own healing from domestic violence, prolific child sexual abuse and several episodes of adult sexual assault.  She uses her own personal experience to offer compassion, understanding and insights when assisting others that are dealing with these issues. 

Positive Direction The Wholeness Center, welcomes in dignity and love, people of all ages, races, colors, religions, creeds, sexual orientation or preferences, social background and economic levels. We embrace people of all lifestyles and belief systems.  Regardless of your spiritual or traditional religious background, the holistic approach of the practical spiritual and metaphysical techniques taught and used will positively enhance your current spiritual knowledge and lifestyle. 

"Gifted by Spirit, Guided by Love"

Illuminating the world through the light and love of God; our Source, our Guide, our Energy, and our Divine Authority.

About the Owner,  Rev. Sonia Beatrice, RMT

Our Mission

​To be a catalyst for change in the world. To teach the God-given unlimited potential of every human being.  To allow every person to be who they are, where they are, and find where they are heading in a loving, compassionate, judgment-free environment.  To be a place of renewal and peace, a place to safely unburden your fears, sorrows, and inner trials as well as a place to give honor and blessings to your accomplishments, hopes and desires.  A place that provides a listening ear, encouragement, hope and love.  To walk with you through the journey of your personal transition into becoming who/what you want and are meant to be.

Our Prayer​

To attract individuals that are open and ready to be lead into a deeper relationship with their God, their self and their higher sources to reach their highest good. 

Our Promise

To be professional, ethical, confidential, honest and practical.  To help challenge and gain positive insight into the self and teach beneficial ways to create a more abundant life on every level by teaching how to be a co-creator with God.

Illuminating the world through the Light of God, our Source, our Guide, our Energy and our Divine Authority.